UK Pension Entitlement-Who Deserves A Pension?

UK is a democratic country and each and every person that lives in it enjoys equal rights. A country that exists for more than a thousand years has progressed magnificently and is now one of the greatest economies of the world. A country full of patriots and hard working individuals who make sure that the country keeps progressing. Why do the people work hard? Yes one of the reasons is the love for their country but the government rewarding and taking care of them is one of the major reasons.

images UK Pension Entitlement Who Deserves A Pension?Pensions in the UK are given to those who are entitled to get them. There are some basic clause and set of laws under which entitlement is given in the UK. What are these laws? And who is entitled? These two questions are explained by the UK laws regarding pensions. To qualify for the basic state pension an individual must have been working and paying the national insurance; is unemployed or sick; is a parent or guardian and claims benefits; has a spouse or a partner whose national insurance also covers you and you can also be eligible if u were a paying voluntary national insurance contributions. If you fall under any of these categories you are entitled to receive a state pension in the UK.

In the UK every woman above 60 years of age and every man above 65 years of age is entitled to receive a pension called the old age pension. For those old people lack the strength to earn a decent wage for themselves and so the government plays its role and supports them financially to keep them from falling into poverty. It is a good way to reward these veterans for their services to their country in their youth. The government of UK also gives pensions to those who work and try to earn a wage but their wage is not enough to make both ends meet. For such people the government offers financial support. According to the pension act 1908 a person who earns less than 1600 pounds per annum is entitled to a pension.

All the civil servants and government officials are entitled to a pension after they retire or in some cases are relieved from their work. Judges, teachers, soldiers, peons, clerks etc all are entitled to a pension after retirement as a reward for their services during their times of service and also to support them when they are no longer earning for themselves.

The pension entitlement rules of the UK are brilliant and cover almost all those who actually need a pension. Pensioning is a good way to avoid poverty from gripping the society and keeping the law and order situations in control. A way of giving financial aid to those who can no longer work and earn a decent living or those who work hard but are unable to make both ends meet. It is also a way to divide the wealth among the people and reward them for their efforts for the progress of their country.

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